LEGO Fusion Lets you Build In-Game Scenarios with Physical Blocks

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Ever wondered how all the kids are getting involved into more and more digital mediums of entertainment and playing instead of physical activities? Well, folks at LEGO thought so and came up with LEGO Fusion. It is a set of toys and a tablet game that lets children actually build the things (with physical blocks) that they want to see in the game.

The game has been developed by LEGO Future Lab and is the outcome of the need to mix up digital and analog play. These games will involve tycooning, tower defense and racing games in four different categories namely, LEGO Fusion Town Master, LEGO Fusion Battle Towers, LEGO Fusion Create & Race and LEGO Fusion Resort Designer.

Each set will come with 200 blocks and a building plate that connects with the app on the tablet, it will also use the camera to focus on the printed pattern of the things that you create. Creating just a two dimensional front of a building will allow the app to turn it into a three dimensional building based on the size, color and building type that you choose for the front.

Ditte Bruun Pedersen, a senior design manager who has been working on the project explains it in the following words:

To them, it’s not two separate worlds. It’s one world that blends together. It’s all just play. For most kids, if you simply give them a pile of bricks and tell them to build something, they go blank. The games are used to facilitate creativity. It drives kids back and forth from the tablet to brick building.

As of now, The Town Master, Battle Towers and Create and Race kits are on schedule for availability by August while others like Resort Designer will follow in September.

The toys and the game have been marked for kids of age seven years and above. Which means it will be including most of the kids who usually rely on tablets or other digital mediums of playing games. This is good.

Sets of LEGO Fusion have been priced at $34.99 and are going to be put up on sale at the Toys R Us Stores, LEGO Store and other Legoland locations in the United States. This is in additional to online orders.

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