League of Legends Introduces World Cup Themed Skins in Legends of the Field Bundle

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is all the rage these days; the event even has whole games dedicated to it! Being that widespread, it is hard to imagine why other famous titles wouldn’t want to cash in the popularity.

League of Legends has followed suit, and now you will be able to put your champions in the world cup themed skins.

Riot Games are good at being classy, by that I am not only referring to the beautiful set that gets your champions in a jersey; it also includes these artsy announcements.

For instance the official post that announced the Legends of the Field FIFA World Cup themed skins made it look like a commentary on one of the matches:

Maokai rolls the ball out to Alistar, who boots it down the field. Lucian catches it in stride; he jukes left, spins right, he’s past the defense! He’s got a shot! But wait, Twisted Fate has whistled it dead. He’s back at midfield booking Alistar for a headbutt; this is just like 2006. Gragas doesn’t seem to care though, he’s still going wild!

If you are a total diehard fan of the sport and League of Legends, you can purchase a champ skin for RP750, ward for RP640 and the summoner icon for RP250 (purchasable for 1500 IP until July 13).

Moreover, you can purchase the Beautiful Set for RP3758 separately and with champs for RP7573 starting now until the world cup final in Rio, i.e. July 13.

Who’s up for some football in League of Legends?

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