Free Trials Fusion Update Adds Tournaments And Tracks

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

Publisher Ubisoft announced the release of its first major update to Trials Fusion and it’s available for free. It primarily beckons the return of Tournaments to the tricky motorcycle game.

In Tournaments, players tackle a set of different platform tracks back to back, to try out for a great overall score on the leaderboards. Those who are in a certain percentage of top ranking players by the end of the event will receive some prizes.

There is a change to the model since the last Trials game though. Instead of a static number of tracks, Tournaments now combine elements and can have 30 events rotating at any time.

Rotation will include tournaments for both beginners and advanced players and last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Those who fail to complete the run when the event time runs out will receive a Did Not Finish (DNF) notification and have their previous finishing score count.

Along with the update, the Track Central hub of Trials Fusion also received 10 more stages. These were made by the community of the game and they’re available cross-platform.

Moreover, Trials Fusion uses the update to fix a stack of bugs. The list of major and minor tweaks, such as changes to FMX tricks, can be found in the change log.

Trials Fusion also received a demo, but only on Xbox One.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has no word on online multiplayer for the highly competitive title. The community has been quite vocal on that part.

At least there’s no visible lag in Trials Fusion; no sir.

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