Latest Dota 2 Update Brings New Team Matchmaking, 1v1 Practice and More

By   /   Jun 19, 2014

New update for Dota 2 has been released and it includes a number of new changes to interface, adds 1v1 Practice mode, adds new team matchmaking and fixes some major bugs.

First of all, Dota 2 has received a little bit of a facelift with this new update with hero loadout screen, hero screen and matchmaking screen having a new and improved look, as it provides a bigger view of your character.

Furthermore, the team matchmaking is now part of ranked matchmaking and that makes opponent pool bigger than before.

In addition to that, two “The International 14 Compendium” rewards have also been added, which consist of 1v1 Practice Mode, in this match you take on another human opponent at Mid Lane in a very short match.

The second reward is Favorite Hero Challenge, which is an analysis tool for you, to keep track of your performance in the game.

Following gameplay bugs have also been fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where Tether could sometimes move Io towards the previously Tethered unit instead
  • Fixed large stacks of Thirst sometimes letting you run through Kinetic Field and Pounce’s Leash
  • Fixed Cleave not hurting units that are currently being teleported to
  • Fixed an issue with Sleight of Fist and Disarm not interacting properly
  • Fixed Huskar’s Burning Spears malfunctioning on rare occasions
  • Fixed Ember Spirit sometimes being affected by damage reflection while invulnerable in Sleight of Fist
  • Daedalus now plays the crit sound on an attack connecting, rather than on attack start

Some new changes to camera, interface and matchmaking have also been made, you can check them out in detail at game’s official website.

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