World’s Largest Video Game Collection Sold for $750,250!

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Couple of weeks ago we reported on a unique auction. The world’s largest video game collection was being sold by the owner through GameGavel.

As much as it might have surprised you, the auction really went on and now we have a new owner of the over 11,000 videogame’s stash.

The original owner and Guinness World Record holder Michael Thommason had detailed what the winner of the bidder will go home with. Here’s is an excerpt from the official description:

“The collection consists of all 10,607 games that were verified by The Guinness Book of World Records during the official count performed on December 3rd, 2012, as well as four hundred plus more games that I have acquired since. In total, OVER 11,000 GAMES!! Guinness did not count duplicates, so every game is unique with no repeats.”

Other than this, he has also given away the Guinness certificate, a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine, all back issues as well as one autographed copy of the issue that featured the collection in question.

The bid started with a single dollar and for some reason didn’t get people’s interest at first. The $10,000 marker was crossed only a couple of days ago on June 10 and there on the interest grew.

Particularly, two bidders who go by the usernames peeps_10091970 and catch123 were left in a one on one bidding race. They went on raising the bid until finally Catch made a bid of $750,000 as opposed to Peeps’ $700,250. As a response, Peeps again raised the bid to $750,250 and Catch didn’t make a comeback this time.

The identity of the new owner of world’s largest video game collection has not been disclosed yet, but we will let you know when we find out.

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