Wildstar First Content Patch ‘The Strain’ Coming at the End of June

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Dubbed as ‘The Strain’, the first major content patch for Carbine’s Wildstar is slated to go live on the game’s public test realm, later this week, with the final release at the end of June, 2014.

The biggest highlight of ‘The Strain’ is an intelligent virus that has been found under the surface of Nexus and a new Level-50 zone called Blighthaven.

Allowing players to net housing items, costumes, gear, and mounts, Blighthaven will feature both solo and group content. Blighthaven culminates in an open-world dungeon dubbed as The Nursery featuring six sub-wings (each with its own elemental properties) and a final boss whose difficulty depends upon how much you cleared the areas before it.

Another novel addition in Blighthaven is Guardians of Grove which is Wildstar’s inspiration from Tower Defense Games. In this mini-game, players will be tasked to protect a gigantic tree called The Grove of Hope.

Players will have three types of Towers at their disposal which will aid them in protecting The Grove of Hope:

  • Damage Sproutlings will deal damage to enemies
  • Defensive Sproutlings will slow and stun enemies
  • Loot Sproutlings will offer rewards for keeping them intact till the end of the battle

Failing in protecting The Grove of Hope will trigger another event in which players will have to reclaim the tree from the Strain.

More information on The Strain and Blighthaven will be shared in coming weeks. Make sure to check out Wildstar weblog for updated information!

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