Unity 4.3 Engine Now Available For PS4, Will Support Project Morpheus

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Unity has publicly released Unity 4.3 Engine for PlayStation 4 and it will support most of the console’s main peripherals, including PlayStation Move controller, Dulashock’s 4 touch pad and has support for Project Morpheus.

However, virtual technology headset will have to wait a bit, as its support will be available later on.

Unity Engine has already been used by multiple developers, who are creating their games for PlayStation 4.

So far, Stick it to the Man and Counter Spy have utilized the power of latest engine, while many new titles are on the way in upcoming months.

Unity 4.3 Engine availability on PlayStation 4 will also allow developers create their game freely and self-publish on the console.

The developers behind new engine has stated that they would keep enhancing the experience of 4.3 engine and also start working on a new Unity 5.0 Engine, which will also include support for PlayStation 4.

The engine is gaining a lot of popularity and previously, it was first choice of the developers, who were creating Oculus Rift compatible experiences on PC and Mac.

In addition to Unity Engine, Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4 is also available for the developers to utilize for their PS4 projects.

So far, Unity 4.3 engine is doing fantastic, but we will see how developers use it make new and unique games for PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus in near future.

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