Uncharted 4 Devs are Burning the Midnight Oil to Meet the Standards

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Naughty Dog Studios is really a place to be these days; having a title like The Last of Us in the bag, they are ready to score another with Uncharted 4. However, it does come at a price that the developers have to pay.

For example Corrinne Yu, the graphics programmer who has had to sleep at the desk because the two new titles demanded that much over time.

She was in a discussion over her official Twitter account where the long hours, weekend shift and overnight overtimes were discussed with regards to The Last of Us and Uncharted 4.

This is just one glimpse of how much effort the developers need to put into games before the title can become a hit that we would kill to get our hands on. Utter dedication and a drive to achieve are the elements that get you games like these.

I am sure none of us would want to compromise on the quality of games that Naughty Dog is churning out for us, certainly not Uncharted 4, but sometimes the going gets tough for the developers too. Having to work additional hours regularly can burn out your creative juices and in worse case scenarios lead to an effect on the overall life of the developer.

Even if you don’t worry about the developer, you would surely worry about the impact that would have on the quality of work that they are producing.

That being said, we really appreciate the hard work that in being put in by the developers of Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, and hope that they deliver on the expectations.

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