Twitch E3 Streaming Creates New Viewership Record with 5.9M Viewers

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

The three day show floor pass was sold to general audience (known as Expo Pass) for $795 until April 28 and after that it cost $995. Obviously, not all of us could be there physically and it was either because of that huge price tag or the fact that the tickets were quite limited. The second best option came out in the shape of Twitch E3 streaming.

Being a handy tool for gaming lovers at home, it was a huge success; so huge that they managed to pull off a new world record. On the first day of the Twitch E3 streaming, 5.9 million unique viewers were recorded! This is a new site-wide record.

Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro explained how their partnership with the E3 organizers not only gave more presence to the conference but became a huge success for their own service too:

By helping our partners get the most value out of their E3 presence with our centralized platform and our partnership with the ESA, the numbers illustrated it was a resounding success. As a result, we were able to offer our global community a front row seat to all of the best content from the show.

Cumulatively, there were at least 12 million viewers on the website during the four days of the E3, and on the day one up to 405,029 people were simultaneously watching the streaming.

In the end, the E3 digital tickets that Twitch sold managed a $185,000 contribution to charity from the 151,810 bundles that were sold.

twitch infographic

Were you among those who relied on Twitch E3 streaming?

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