The Next Mass Effect Listed on Amazon for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

The retailer giant, Amazon has listed BioWare’s forthcoming RPG, Mass Effect 4 (or simply referred to as the next Mass Effect).

The listing is placed under ‘Video Game’ category with a release date of Dec. 31, 2014 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As far as cover-art of the game is concerned, it does look very meek and crude with its black background and not-so-fancy font style. My best guess is that this is only a placeholder that online retailer has created.

Besides, a Dec. 31, 2014 release date seems too good to be true since the game’s E3 demonstration only bestowed us with a Conceptual Prototype footage detailing what we can expect from the upcoming iteration.

Furthermore, the developer didn’t provide any expected platforms (on which the game will launch) or a solid release date. So I would advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

Another possibility that I can think of is a remake of previous iterations. Now that gaming industry is swarming with remake of popular titles – Halo, The Last of Us, Metro – why not Mass Effect? Though it is just a speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it.

In related news, the developer has stressed that the next Mass Effect game must not be called as Mass Effect 4 as Commander Shepherd’s won’t be returning and the franchise is headed in a new direction.

Check out this E3 Demonstration which showcases the new protagonist, the game’s gigantic universe, and NPCs!

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