Sunset Kickstarter Aims To Give Side Characters A Role

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Belgian developer Tale of Tales has launched a Kickstarter for another of its style’s games. Sunset, as the project is called, is staged in a South American loft, set during a revolutionary movement in the seventies.

This nostalgic filter is completed with warm purple and orange shading. Gameplay will be seen in a first person perspective.

In Sunset, players embody Angela Burnes, a housekeeper for a rich bachelor, called Gabriel Ortega. You’ll be in charge of cleaning the place once every week, an hour before sunset.

Gameplay will see you interact with belongings from Ortega and uncovering a rebellious spirit, plotting against the dictator of the nation. According to the game’s Kickstarter, the gameplay is in the vein of Gone Home or Dear Esther.

Additionally, the game puts a twist on military action games. In Sunset, while your actions will influence your personal position, the overall plot will remain relatively unaltered. It wants to explore the role of extras in the story.

You will be able to grow a certain relationship with Ortega by performing tasks a certain way, either distant or flirty. This could lead to little notes or other things being seen in the building next time you work there.

Tale of Tales just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Sunset, but it’s already pretty much funded. The $25,000 target is already met for $20,000 of the amount.

Composer Austin Wintory from The Banner Saga and Journey will be tied to the project as well.

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