New Screenshots for ‘Below’ Explore Dark Environments and UI

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

The action-adventure video game developed by Capybara Games, Below has received a new batch of screenshots.

Now I won’t claim to be a Mr. Know-it-All, sharing details extracted from these screenshots because quite frankly, there isn’t much I could make out. Still, here’s my meek take on what I could understand:

So far, this is the first time I’ve seen orb-sentinels engaged in a fray with our tiny warrior. Moreover, I could not help noticing the user-interface showcasing bow and arrows.

The environments look dark and gloomy and like many previews out there suggest, they certainly look inspired from Dark Souls.

The little I saw was enough to raise my curiosity. Take a look and share your views!

Announced at E3 2013, Below is said to be a tough game (Another hint that it is inspired from Dark Souls franchise) with randomly generated environments primarily encouraging exploration and survival of your tiny warrior.

Played from a top-down perspective, Below is also reported to incur a multiplayer mode, but details regarding it are scarce for the time being.

Being developed as a console-exclusive for Xbox One and PC, Below has yet to receive a release date.

Source: Neptune Games.

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