Minecraft: Latest Skin Pack To Add Mirror’s Edge, Killer Instinct and Trials Fusion

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

These days Mojang is looking towards the possibility of having every popular franchise crossover into its Minecraft universe.

The latest transition happens to be of Faith from Mirror’s Edge, who will make her way to the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as part of Skin Pack 6 for the building game.

In addition to her, the pack will also feature characters from Trials Fusion and Killer Instinct. There are going to be eight blocky skins from Season One of the Xbox One free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct – Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, B. Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore. As for Trials Fusion there will be two racers.

The skin pack is yet to be dated but it’s assumed to see a release in the next couple of weeks.

The already announced “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” is on schedule to release in August, alongside its PS4 and PS Vita Editions. No exact release date has been set yet but upgrading from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One or PS3 to the PS4 will only cost $5.

The PS Vita Edition will be a free upgrade to existing “Minecraft: PS3 Edition” owners.

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