Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Change the Series on Fundamental Grounds

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Not much is known about Kingdom Heart 3 and its release date, and that is exactly what most of us want to find out. However, it seems like Square Enix is more willing to uncover other information about the game instead of this one specifically.

Couple of days back when the development team of Kingdom Hearts 3 travelled to E3 conference, the game director and designer at Square Enix, Tai Yasue was interviewed by 4Gamer. A lot of different areas were touched and we have summarized some of them here.

Although the interview was in Japanese, we have a translation thanks to KH13. As the interview revolved round Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 3, Yasue was asked if the player could hope to get their hands on the latter without having to wait too much after Kingdom Heart 2.5 releases. To this, his reply was:

“At this stage I can’t make any comments regarding a release date, but we are working hard. KH3 changes the fundamental structure of the series so far, so we have to do a lot of research as we go along, but the plans for our content and ideas are steadily moving forwards.”

So that tells us two things, the release could take a little longer than expected and the game will have a lot of fundamental changes in it. That means we can expect a fresh blow of something that we haven’t seen before in the series.

How excited are you about the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the fundamental changes that the game designer is hinting about?

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