Gunpoint Gets New Engine, Steam Workshop And Sale

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Indie game Gunpoint has shoved out an update on Steam that makes it run on an entirely new engine. That’s a pretty big overhaul for an update, but we certainly commend that attitude.

With the new tools, Gunpoint should now be more bug-free than ever and run better in general. Additionally, the build preps it for ports to Mac and Linux.

Both the overhauls as the ports are in the hands of Abstraction Games. They’ve also added Steam Workshop integration, so that user-created levels can be seen and shared easily within the community.

One of the criticisms of Gunpoint is that it was a bit short, so this should stop that problem quickly. Moreover, the new engine allows for levels to have more elevators, which previously would let the game crash.

In more cosmetic changes, the update allows swearing to be turned off for a friendlier environment. This censors out bad words entirely or partially.

For some reason, Gunpoint previously didn’t have any custom keyboard controls. That has been fixed too.

As a nice nod towards owners, there is still an old version of Gunpoint available on Steam. Those who encounter any problems with their new game can go into Properties, go to Betas and select “oldversion” there.

To boost the new engine’s release, Gunpoint is currently 75% off on Steam. It costs just a few bucks now, so maybe you should check that out.

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