Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Teased in New Trailer, Season 1 Recapped as Well

If you are a Guild Wars fan you must be waiting eagerly for the Guild Wars 2 Season 2. Just as the threat of Scarlet is over, there is more and it will be here by July 1. A new trailer has been released by the developers that not only recaps the last season but also sheds light on what awaits you.

The trailer starts off with a dreamy voice narrating how Lion’s Arch has been burning as Scarlet’s journey is nearly done with. The heroes of Tyria have fought back Scarlet’s army but the worst was yet to come. Even in death she remained a threat. Something sinister has awoken deep beneath the earth.

“As Living World Season 2 approaches, we take a look back at Scarlet’s war and the events of Season 1. From the Gathering Storm in the Shiverpeaks to the final Battle for Lion’s Arch, Scarlet unleashed the Molten Alliance, the Aetherblade Pirates, her watchwork armies, and the Toxic Alliance onto the world – but Tyria ultimately prevailed. However, deep beneath Tyria, something sinister awoke and players will find out more as they tune in for Season 2.”

Did you take part in the war against Scarlet? Check out the trailer and get a glimpse at what the Guild Wars 2 Season 2 has in store for you. Then come back and tell us do you think you are ready?