Brothers Dev Chooses Games Over Movie Money Bags

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

In talks with Gamesbeat, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons developer Josef Fares talked about a passion for video games and the divide between that and another job. In other occupations, Fares is a critically acclaimed filmmaker.

In fact, his directing skills have paid off a lot, but that didn’t stop the developer from going back to games. In talks with a publisher, Fares responded to the question of wanting to make money with the following statement:

I make more money [by] making movies. … There are people who actually have passion for what they’re doing. I’d choose that before money.

In the interview, Fares stated halting the production of a feature film to concentrate on video games. Work will continue on animation shorts, but the developer wanted to make sure to have time for a new project.

On that subject, there are only ideas at this point. “Trying to explore a feeling,” is said to be a subject for the next game.

Moreover, though there isn’t a team yet, since the game’s not even in production, Fares expressed interest returning to Starbreeze:

If I do something, it’s gonna be with the core team from Brothers.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was well-received among critics for a great story and interesting gameplay mechanisms. Players control two siblings at once, one with each stick on a controller.

In this year’s BAFTA Awards, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons even managed to claim the title for Game Innovation and that over games like Tearaway.

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