Bazalth: The Red Devil Transforms Demon Adventure Into A Free World Cup Game

By   /   Jun 18, 2014

Belgium developer Helium Games is fresh off some gameplay news, but the indie studio is also making use of the current football World Cup to promote their game, Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs. They’ve launched a free soccer mini-game on their site, called Bazalth: The Red Devil.

The game is a simple twist on the Flappy Bird design. Instead of a pure “jump” design, players correct the direction from left to right by tapping the field.

Gameplay is rigged on the playable character from Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs, kicking forward a ball. It’s put into an endless runner with several obstacles on a quickly side-scrolling pitch.

There’s more to dribbling than just cosmetics though, as the ball can also be shot at a goal that periodically is put on the side of the field. Moreover, several pickups can slow down or speed up the already pretty racy pace.

Bazalth: The Red Devil is themed after the developer’s national football team, equally nicknamed The Red Devils. In the game, the demon character is sporting the squad’s black jerseys.

Belgium is currently in the Brazil World Cup; it’s first qualification in a long time. It was able to drag a victory out of an ugly game of football in its first match against Algeria, where it won 2-1.

Earlier this week, Helium Games showed off the first gameplay trailer for Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs, detailing its isometric adventure with puzzle elements. Bazalth: The Red Devil was crafted in just one week.

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