Tropico 5 Retail Copy To Receive First DLC For Free

By   /   Jun 17, 2014

Publisher Kalypso Media announced that those who waited for a retail copy of PC release Tropico 5 will receive its first downloadable content (DLC) for free. It should be possible to start finding copies of the builder sim game in shops today.

Tropico 5 will receive its first DLC, titled The Big Cheese, this summer. To thank those who have been patient, waiting for their physical copy, these goodies will unlock free of charge automatically, once they become available.

Earlier, Kalypso Media revealed that Tropico 5 was its most successful launch in the series yet. Therefore, a lot of the fan base may already have jumped on board with a digital copy, which has been available on Steam since last month.

There’s no word if the same leniency will be shown towards early adopters of a digital version, but it’s unlikely, otherwise they would’ve mentioned it by now. This is likely going to be a sore spot for the usual entitled crowd, looking over their shoulder to see if their neighbor got something they didn’t.

To those, we’d like to offer some soothing words: You’ve been playing and hopefully enjoying Tropico 5 a whole lot longer already. That’s your prize. Enjoy it.

Aside from a PC release, Tropico 5 is still bound for consoles at some point this year. First, the simulation game will land on Xbox 360, then it will make its debut for the new platforms, with a launch planned for Playstation 4.

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