Star Citizen’s Creator Defends His Flight Model; Offers More Variation Than Most Space Sims

By   /   Jun 17, 2014

Star Citizen recently released their much awaited Arena Commander that featured the Dog Fighting Module, something which many flight simulator fans have been waiting for since last year or probably since the release of the last Wing Commander for that matter.

Post-release though a debate began on the game’s official forums by its many backers who expressed their views that the game’s current flight model is “wrong.”

Cloud Imperium Games was quick to respond to the feedback and Chris Roberts did a huge post to clarify their stance and goals for the game’s Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) and flight model.

“We actually allow for a lot more variation and nuance in flight and combat than a simplified Wing Commander/X-Wing-style flight model,” Roberts said. “Like learning to drive a car really well… it requires some learning. You have to anticipate where you want to be and plan for it.”

He explained that most space simulator games offer predefined pitch, roll, and yaw rates with capped speeds. Star Citizen does not offer that and what it offers has never been done before on this grand a scale.

“We model what would be needed on an actual spaceship,” he continued, “including correct application of thrust at the places where the thrusters are attached to the hull of the ship — in our model moment of inertia, mass changes and counter thrust are very necessary. Star Citizen’s physical simulation of spaceflight is based on what would actually happen in space.”

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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