Iceberg Interactive Team With Publisher Just For Games

By   /   Jun 17, 2014

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced a partnership with another distributor, Just For Games, to extend its reach for its stable. Just For Games is a French company, while Iceberg Interactive is Dutch, though they work in the European and worldwide market in some spaces as well.

Mainly, the two will collaborate to bring games to the French retail market. Just For Games commented on the deal with the following:

Iceberg Interactive has a very strong line-up, qualitative and innovative. This partnership will grow our position in the distribution of premium games.

First up, the two will work to re-release Endless Space from Iceberg Interactive and developer Amplitude Studios. It will head back to physical release as a budget game, costing just €9.99, instead of €29.99.

Additionally, Iceberg banks fully on the large success of Amplitude, with plans to bring their other game, Endless Legend, to retail in summer of 2014 for a price of €29.99. Currently, the 4X strategy game is on Steam through Early Access, so this may also indicate a release window.

In further explanations, the French distributor mentioned faith in Endless Legend, stating:

We believe that, from our expertise, Endless Legend has great potential in the French retail market, considering its quality and expectation from gamers.

While Iceberg Interactive is currently specializing in strategy titles, Just For Games is more of a simulation and casual stable, also centered on re-releases. There are a ton of “simulator 201X” titles on the French company’s list, for example.

Moreover, Just For Games has a deal to release Spintires to retail. You may remember that title from its recent overwhelming success on Steam.

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