World War I Flight Sim Ilya Muromets Announced

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

Publisher 1C Company announced a new game, called Ilya Muromets. This name hails from the Russian company’s folklore, but it’s equally tied to a bomber plane, which is more of their specialty.

Ilya Muromets will take place in World War I, focusing on the Eastern Front battles. That is also one of 1C Company’s traits, which they’ve also done with published games like Red Orchestra.

In the flight simulation game, players will embark on a set of singleplayer campaign missions. It’s possible to switch that around for a mission builder, as well as a multiplayer component.

Locations for the Ilya Muromets will cover a part of the Eastern Front, which is now associated with modern Ukraine. Aside from the titular bomber plane, more aircrafts will be available from Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary.

1C Company had a few words on the announcement, stating:

World War I, especially the Eastern Front, is a topic that is not widely covered in video games. Our team has vast experience in creating flight simulations and we have a chance to use all of our technology including an advanced physics system, complex flight models and accurate ballistics to bring this legendary plane to life.

Another one of their projects, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, is another of those simulation titles that centers on the “other” side of the war. It’s currently headed for release in September of 2014.

Ilya Muromets will launch somewhere during the end of the year. It will see an Early Access program, starting on August 1.

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