Star Citizen Holds Poll On Whether It Should Offer More Stretch Goals

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

Star Citizen continues to pile drive through its stretch goals and has now achieved $46 million in funding.

The speed at which the game is finding new backers has actually doubled or even tripled following the game’s recent release of Arena Commander and its accompanying Dog Fighting Module. While the new module is open to all the first batch of backers, the rest of those with an alpha slot or purchase badge will get their turn later this year.

In his letter to the Star Citizen community, Cloud Imperium Games’ chairman Chris Roberts explained how the stretch goals made possible “adding capital ship systems, studying procedural generation, hiring additional artists to build more ships at once and the like.”

He continued saying that it’s becoming more and more difficult to provide stretch goals and hence wanted the community’s feedback on whether they want stretch goals in the future or not.

According to a poll that saw to over 30,000 votes, over 50 percent of the Star Citizen community voted yes to more goals, a little over 25 percent said no and 20 percent remained neutral on the subject.

The game recently unlocked the Updated Scanning Software, which “offers advanced scanning capabilities for prospecting asteroids above and beyond their baseline systems.”

Star Citizen’s current stretch goal is a monstrous $47,000,000, of which it’s already past the 48 percent mark. Reaching the goal will unlock the Engine Tuning Kit that “comes with everything the fledgling engineer needs to take a deeper look into the mechanics of their engine.”

Source Roberts Space Industries

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