Selling Xbox One is Priority, Kinect Sales Will Follow, Says Phil Spencer

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

One of the biggest stories last month was Microsoft dropping the price of Xbox One to $399 by removing the Kinect Sensor. Now, the Xbox head Phil Spencer has stated that this move will help company to sell more sensors in a long run.

In an interview with Polygon, Spencer said that selling console is more important than selling Kinect and this price drop will help the company get head to head with Sony’s PS4.

Price point is important. I had to give people a choice when they come in to go buy a console, that we have a console that’s at a competitive price, that’s at an entry price for them, and the $100 price drop isn’t trivial. We’ve got to be competitive with the Xbox One console, and then we’re going to allow people to add Kinect later when they can.

He continued on to say that Kinect completes the Xbox One experience, but it completely depends on the people, either they can purchase it while getting the console or not buy it at all.

Many people believed that inclusion of Kinect Sensor in Xbox One was forced, as they will never use it for any gaming purposes.

Microsoft responded to the fans demand and removed Kinect from the bundle. A Standalone version of the sensor will hit the stores this fall.

How would you like your Xbox One, with or without Kinect?

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