People Really Love Spintires, Tops Steam 3 Days Straight

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

There’s been a lot of commotion around E3, like every year, but during that time, some other magical things happened. While we were all drooling over shiny new games, truck simulator Spintires released on Steam with great success.

In fact, it’s taken the top selling spot on the digital platform from its debut on June 13, all the way to now. That’s three days of blazing glory, outselling names like DayZ and powerfully discounted weekend deals like Thief.

We told you about Spintires a while ago, noting its realistic physics on both vehicles and the environment.  It features models from the Soviet military, which are still used to this day.

This is more than just an ironic simulator game that’s claiming its fifteen minutes. Those die out much faster, even if they do have their own successes.

Currently, Spintires is enjoying a peek amount of over 7,000 players.  At the time of writing, well over 4,000 are in the game. It thereby outdoes some Steam favorites like Grand Theft Auto IV and even Path of Exile.

People really seem to massively flock to the game with genuinely positive reactions. In its short existence, Spintires has accumulated over 400 Steam reviews.

Nearly all player reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the game, without the “got stuck in mud 10/10” format. Fewer than thirty have posted negative statements.

To those who do seem aggravated about the game, most indicate a lack of camera control to ruin their experience. Control is indeed a vital part of the game, since a lot of environmental challenges are hard to overcome with the weighty trucks.

If anything, such a specific niche title proves that anyone can find success on Steam, as long as they have the right idea. We like what an example Spintires makes for other games looking for acclaim on Steam.

Are you one of Spintires’ community? Let us know in the comments.

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