Ouya Claims 1000 Developers Sign Up Every Month

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

Julie Uhrman, the periodically candid CEO of Android console Ouya, has spoken to Polygon about the future of the company. In it, Uhrman claims that their user base is still growing strongly.

According to the article, Ouya now boasts 36,000 developers. Oddly enough, that translates to 825 games currently on the platform, but it may indicate rapid growth later on.

Uhrman stated that 1,000 developers sign up every month and 54 percent live outside of the United States. Then again, that same message would mean that almost half of the developer base does live in the US.

Ouya’s plan now is to reach out to new and upcoming developers, where at first they wanted to just connect to the scene in general. Currently, the platform is available in a few select regions, with people from 55 countries playing games.

Further noting the growth of the company, the CEO stated that people are holding on to their Ouya more than ever, claiming:

We’ve seen the average value per game almost double since we launched. The average user is downloading twice as many games as they did initially.

There’s some spin in the article as well, marketing Ouya as a stepping stone to success, using Towerfall as an example. Uhrman commented:

We help them refine their game, find their audience and community, and then they can continue to grow with that community to other platforms. It’s a gigantic win.

Additionally, Ouya is looking to branch out from its console, by allowing their games to reach other formats as well. These include things like the Mad Catz MOJO micro-console.

There have been more Ouya games coming out recently. Earlier on, we saw titles like Whispering Willows and Explosive Dinosaurs pass by.

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