Shigeru Miyamoto Talks About the Origin of Splatoon

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

Nintendo’s E3 digital conference was filled with some awesome games and one of them was third person shooter Splatoon, which caught everyone’s eye due to its unique gameplay.

Nintendo’s director Shigeru Miyamoto in a recent interview discusses how the game came into being:

The team that’s designing Splatoon is actually taken from the core Animal Crossing team, so some of the younger staff within the Animal Crossing team, we pulled about 10 of them together and we decided to begin working on Splatoon with that small team.

We’ve also then added the director who did the StarFox 64 3D remake for Nintendo 3DS, and then one of the directors who worked on NintendoLand. They’re all very young team members for us, so they’re very energetic. They’ve been working on music and the design and everything for Splatoon.

He continued on to say that he has very little influence on the development of this title, as new team is fully given a free hand to try out new stuff.

Moreover, first thing developer worked on, was the features and gameplay design, the characters just followed everything that had been added to the game.

Miyamoto also confirmed that the game will utilize the gamepad for Wii U as it will be fully integrated into the game.

When we first developed the GamePad itself, the reason that we put the gyro controls in there was because, very specifically, we wanted it to be easy to use those types of controls for aiming in those FPS or shooter-styles of games.

Splatoon is looking quite an amazing title with its colorful maps and unique gameplay style that shows the creativity of developers.

The new games announced at this year’s Nintendo conference looked amazing, but we will have to wait a bit until we get our hands on it as very few of them will release this year.

Source: Mashable

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