Fez Developer Will Help Release Indie Game Panoramical

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

Developer Polytron, known primarily as the vessel that spawned Fez and Phil Fish, has announced that it’s teaming up with Finji Games and indie game Panoramical.  They’ll be handling the promotion and distribution of the game.

In a blog post on Polytron’s site, the company declares to finish off one chapter that started with releasing Fez and moving to the next. Phil Fish states that they’ll commence work on “Polytron Partners,” stating:

With it, Polytron becomes more than just the umbrella I operate under. We only got to make Fez in the first place because of the help and support of a LOT of cool people. Time to give back a little, you know?

Along with Polytron’s help, Finji Games will offer assistance with day to day operations as well as payment logistics, which is quite the important feat for many indie developers.

Panoramical is a musically-themed game or experience. It’s a set of landscapes that get altered with player interaction.

Further in the blog post, Phil Fish wants to stress that the deal doesn’t meant that Polytron is becoming a publisher. Fish states:

One word we’re trying real hard to avoid is “publishing”.

Because what does that even mean in 2014, really?

Even saying it out loud feels wrong.

“We’re publishers! Look at us! Publishing!”

It’s a partnership.

Technically though, that’s what Polytron is doing for Panoramical, but we get the point. Sometimes, it’s best not to be associated with others in that category, if you don’t have to be.

And hey, it’s a lot more positive a message than Phil Fish had nearly a year ago, when he announced that Fez II was cancelled, after an internet debacle with some journalists and the fallout from that. So, like, can we maybe still get Fez II? Because we’d really still like to get Fez II.

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