FIFA 15 Releasing This Year For 3DS and Wii

By   /   Jun 15, 2014

An official press release by EA has revealed that the company’s latest FIFA 15 title will be releasing this September on the 3DS and Wii.

The announcement is as bizarre as they come. EA was one of the first ones to side with Nintendo during the launch of the Wii U. The company however distanced itself later on when their prime titles refused to sell on the Nintendo platform; primarily because of the low number of Wii U consoles sold.

In the case of FIFA 14, EA stated that the low sales of FIFA 13 have forced them to go against a Wii U release. From that statement, it makes sense as to why EA would be targeting the Wii and not the Wii U. The Wii has sold more than 100 million units so far globally.

However, one has to ask EA’s decision of releasing a next-gen game on aged hardware just for sales. FIFA 15 will probably be heavily toned down for the Wii. Hence those expecting to purchase a copy, do so knowing that you’re paying for an updated roster at the very best.

via Nintendo Enthusiast

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