Bloodborne: Character Customization Similar to Demon’s Souls

By   /   Jun 15, 2014

People have been pretty agitated over knowing that a couple of upcoming new titles won’t allow you to play as a female character. As far as Bloodborne is concerned, players won’t have to worry about that issue and will have the freedom to start their journey as either sex.

Speaking with Dengeki Online in an interview, Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed that players can “also select a female character as the heroine.”

Furthermore he also stated that Bloodborne’s character setup page would feature facial customizations; something which Miyazaki thinks is “one of the most fun aspects” of RPGs.

The facial customization options will be similar to what Demon’s Souls had. However, the developer is considering the addition of more elements, which Miyazaki wasn’t ready to talk about yet.

The customization panel in Demon’s Souls was pretty detailed. With the team adding even more options in there, it’s a given that players will be spending a good amount of time setting each and every detail of their character right, before jumping into the morbid world of Bloodborne.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive title is scheduled for a release next year.

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