Star Fox for Wii U Might Get Mechs, Project Guard Discussed as Well

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

At this year’s E3 conference, Nintendo has shown a prototype that they are working on, Project Guard. We are not sure if that would be a completely different game or part of another one, but recently we have picked up word that the new Star Fox for Wii U might use some of the features that Project Guard is expected to have.

In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about their plans for Project Guard and if he saw it as a completely different game, or as a part of a larger game. His reply not only hinted at their plans for that, it also dropped clues about what we might see in the upcoming Star Fox for Wii U game.

He said that there was a Star Fox logo on the cameras in Project Guard – that should be a hint, and that he had certain ideas for what could be done though nothing was really finalized yet. Then he went on to say that:

“One idea that I had for Star Fox is something like the Thunderbirds TV series, where they had all these different vehicles and Mechs that they could use. I’m not certain, but one thing I think about Star Fox is that, instead of just a ship-based adventure that we’ve seen in previous Star Fox games, there’s multiple different mechs and vehicles and things that they use. And maybe, within that, the Project Guard style of gameplay could be one element of sort of a larger-scaled thing.”

Afterwards, he explained with an analogy how the two things could be related. According to him, Project Guard was to be thought of as the TV series of Star Fox that run at the late night hours while Star Fox itself was to be thought of as the primetime TV series.

That’s one heck of an analogy, no? Anyhow, how psyched are you about Star Fox for Wii U?

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