Sleeping Dogs HD Version Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

According to a listing at Shopto, Sleeping Dogs, the 2012’s open world action adventure title for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, might be headed to next-gen consoles in full HD.

The game was originally started as third installment in True Crime series but then was canned by Activision because it didn’t fit the company’s standards.

After that, Square Enix revived the game and renamed it to Sleeping Dogs, which tells the story of a cop Wei Shen, who goes undercover to expose the big guns of Triads but things do not go as planned.

The game was very much like other open world games, but focused more on hand to hand combat rather than giving players weaponry in every sequence.

In some sequences though, you had to use the fire power and move from cover to cover to survive as you fire at enemies blindly or by targeting them specifically.

In addition to Sleeping Dogs storyline, it also featured number of side missions for players to complete and enjoy the other features of the game.

Upon its release, the game received extremely good reviews because of its intriguing and involving storyline and free flow hand to hand combat.

However, there were some critics, who didn’t praise the game too much due to lack of graphical fidelity and stiff animations.

The next-gen remake of Sleeping Dogs if real, can change the opinions of critics and fans who were not too impressed with the game’s visuals.

United Front Games has not officially announced anything regarding this news, but we will update the article as soon as we have more.

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