Project CARS’ Dev Talks About Importance of Career Mode

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

Project CARS has so far been showcased as a beautiful racing title with exceptional visuals and a high immersion value. Developer Slightly Mad Studios would now like to take a break from the visual showcase and instead talk about the game’s career mode.

Posting on the official Project CARS website, the developer highlighted some key elements of the game’s career mode. Unlike other titles where players start with low-tier cars, Project CARS offers players to choose their preferred motorsport from the beginning and straight away head into any available championships.

Progressing through the game will see your character being offered additional contracts from talent scouts, depending on your race results. Your performance will also attract sponsors and endorsement offers. While the developer didn’t reveal the significance of this, we assume it to have cosmetic effects such as having your sponsors’ names on your car.

Slightly Mad stated that it has done its best in replicating “all the flow, the opportunities and the ambience that a modern-day driver gets to be a part of, whilst also paying respect to the long heritage of past motorsports and legends in all their forms.”

Project CARS is scheduled for release this November for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source Project CARS

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