Here is Another Leaked Bloodborne Trailer Showing Gameplay & Combat

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

Back at E3 Conference, From Software and Sony revealed their upcoming action RPG with an impressive trailer. Albeit the footage had all the thrills that you would expect from a game that has been echoed as the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, it didn’t show off much of the gameplay.

Now, another Bloodborne trailer has been leaked online and luckily, it emphasizes a lot more on the gameplay elements of the title.

The trailer starts off with the protagonist wandering in the wild, you even see corpses crucified. Moving on, the nearly two minute long video speeds up and takes you directly to the action.

You see enemies that look like humans but are twice your size; you fight away foes that come in the shape of a bird and other horrid creatures.

In the end, the character enters into what looks like a major boss fight, but the real combat wasn’t shown. This trailer is from the time when the game was called Project Beast, as shown at the end of the trailer, so I am assuming it is from a while back.

Check out the Bloodborne trailer above and tell us what do you think of the gameplay and the combat.

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