GameTrailers Struck by Layoffs

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

Earlier tweets from now former employees reveal that Addicting Games, Shockwave and GameTrailers were all hit with layoffs following their acquisition by digital content distributor Defy Media on Monday.

“My 10th #E3 complete, Friday the 13th and just got laid off from @Gametrailers,” wrote Jeremy Hoffmann, formerly a producer for GameTrailers TV.

Hoffmann added, “Great people @GameTrailers will be looking for jobs, we have editorial, video editors, tech managers & more looking for work. #gamejobs”

“Exciting times ahead for @GameTrailers and Defy. I just won’t be part of it. Best of luck space cowboys,” tweeted former director at GameTrailers, Ryan Stevens. Other layoff announcements have begun to appear on Twitter.

“Two weeks from now, I will be leaving @GameTrailers. Thank you for allowing me to talk about indie games again and for all the new friends,” tweeted Rob Manuel, former producer at GameTrailers.

The layoffs occurred just one day after E3 2014. One would believe that the extra work force is important to cover an event that’s the biggest video game expo in North America. Defy Media on the other hand must have different plans.

According to Polygon, from half to two-thirds of the full-time staff of GameTrailers were let go. We wish the ex-employees good luck and pray for them to find even better jobs in the industry.

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