Batman: Arkham Origins Might Get Game of the Year Edition

By   /   Jun 14, 2014

A Listing has popped up on German Amazon, which suggests that, Batman: Arkham Origins Game of the Year edition is on the way for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 21st of August, 2014.

Last year’s Batman didn’t get the reception that it usually gets, as many people believed that most of the mechanics stayed the same and developer didn’t bring anything new to the table.

The game starts off on a Christmas Eve in Gotham city as Black Mask places bounty on Batman’s head and now all the major villains are getting ready to take him out, once and for all.

Villains in Batman: Arkham Origins include Black Mask, The Penguin, Bane, Joker, Firefly, Deadshot, Anarky, Copperhead, Deathstroke, Mad Hatter, Riddler and Lady Shiva.

Gameplay, just like in previous titles relies heavily on hand to hand combat as Batman damages his opponents and avoids getting hit by them at the same time.

In some areas, players had the option of using the stealth instead of going in combat against the enemies. Furthermore, there were crime scenes scattered around the city, which had to be solved using Batman’s detective abilities.

Just like previous Game of the year editions, Batman: Arkham Origins version will supposedly include all the additional content that has been released for the game.

Nothing is confirmed yet on this news, but we will keep you posted as developer reveals more.

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