Xbox One Aaron Paul Advert Will Turn on Your Console, For Real

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

I am really big fan of Breaking Bad, and the primary reason why I hit up this story at first was because it mentioned an Aaron Paul advert. However, the infamous Jesse Pinkman is causing a new kind of trouble which is pretty interesting. There is this new Xbox One advertisement which will actually turn on your console.

Yes, but it is not as magical as it sounds at first. Let me explain. This advertisement starts with good old Aaron Paul sitting in his home in front of the TV, talking to us about how his life has been pretty busy after Breaking Bad. Then he shouts the command ‘Xbox On’ and then continues to play the game.

What has been happening to countless of the watchers is that when Paul calls out ‘Xbox On,’ their console, sitting just under the TV thinks that the command is directed at them and turns itself on – pretty obediently.

Some twitter users have confirmed that Aaron Paul won’t stop turning their consoles on after every couple of minutes. Apparently, the advert has been running pretty frequently.

Anyhow, in the advert, Paul’s final sentence is that he wishes he had more time to play, and he ends it with the infamous ‘yo’ to take a call. It’s all pretty nostalgic and fun. Check it out above.

Has that happened to your Xbox One after the Aaron Paul advert?

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