Ubisoft: The Division is a Very Loot Heavy Game

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

Speaking with GameTrailers recently, game director Ryan Barnard talked about the progression system saying that The Division is a very loot heavy game. Like all other MMO titles out there, this one also has players starting with practically nothing.

“You’re going to start as level one,” said Barnard. Players will only have minimal equipment in a bag to call their own in the start. This also includes weaponry. Better weapons and equipment will have to be salvaged or found by the player himself in the frozen wastelands of New York city.

Completion of objectives and quests will probably help you earn some of them in the shape of rewards. The best loot though will not be that easy to find.

Along the way players will find weapons with tighter bullet spread, larger clips and faster reload times. Barnard stated that “finding weapons, finding gear or loot will be important through till maximum level in the game.”

Ultimately what gear you find will define your skills. Sentry guns for example will allow you to lock down an area, drones will help you scout out ahead, first aid kids will drop medic duties on to you, and the like.

“Our skill system goes out like a pyramid,” said the director. “You’ll be able to acquire skills with experience points and then later in the game you’ll be able to modify them through what we call ‘mods’ and change the functionality of a skill, up to completely changing how it works.”

Barnard also detailed the reconstruction feature in the game.

“When you come into an area which has some information, something that would be important to the agent, you can reconstruct a scene from CCTV, cellphone conversations, anything digital, and create this frozen moment in time. You can find out things about the story, about factions in the area, entrances to places you didn’t know existed, or loot.” Sounds similar to how we solved crimes in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Finally, Barnard revealed that it’s very possible for players to “take back New York and technically win the game.” However, Ubisoft wants the players to have content to run through all the time. This probably hints a series of DLC expansions to the game.

The Division is due out in 2015 for the PC.

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