Plants vs. Zombies 2 Dark Ages Expansion Coming Out Later This Month

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

Fans of Plants vs. Zombies franchise, especially those playing PvZ 2 now have another reason to rejoice besides the imminent release of Garden Warfare.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is getting the Dark Ages expansion pack, and it will test your garden defense skills in a medieval period. Dark Ages Part 1 will add several new plants to the arsenal and since the levels are set during nighttime, sunflowers are pretty much useless, so in its place there is the Sun Shroom.

For offense, players will get 4 new plants, the Puff Shroom being a free but quick fading short ranged one and its bigger and better counterpart, the Fume Shroom.

There are also the Sun Beans which the Zombies can eat and in turn grant a small amount of Sun to players. There is also the Hypnoshroom which once consumed by Zombies, makes them friendly soldiers to defend the plants.

Each new plant has unique abilities or attacks when given plant food. Feeding one Puff Shroom will bring that and all the other Puff Shrooms in the field back to full health, increasing their fade time.

Players aren’t the only ones getting benefits from the night. Zombies now have new classes as well like the Knight Zombies which can take on a lot of damage or Jester Zombies which upon getting hit turn into a tornado and reflects the plant ammo fired at them back to the source.

Part 1 is supposed to be released at the end of this month and Part 2 will launch sometime in the future.

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