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Phil Spencer Talks About Absence of PC and Mobile Games at E3 2014

Phil Spencer
While everyone agrees that Microsoft’s E3 2014 Press Conference was far better than last year, games for Windows Phones and PC were sorely missed, kind of making the press conference an Xbox only event.

In an interview with Polygon, head of Xbox Phil Spencer explained the reason behind this. While Phil acknowledges the fact that PC gaming is a pretty huge market and franchises like League of Legends have a far bigger user base, that doesn’t mean they are a good fit for E3.

“It’s a retail show, it’s a console show, so it didn’t really feel like the right place for us to talk about Windows, but Windows and gaming on Windows is critical to Microsoft’s success.” Spencer said.

According to him, the best place to discuss PC games would be the various championships and big eSports events held throughout the year. Since they are such big conventions with a huge gatherings present physically as well as streaming online, they have the right type of audience.

According to Phil, while gaming on Windows is a pretty big deal, Xbox is the main gaming brand of Microsoft and the audience of E3 is more tuned towards console gaming due to the fact they can enjoy all that from the comfort of their living rooms.