Would You Like to Test the Next Battlefield Game via Early Access?

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and game developers keep testing new ways to get the best out of their available resources.

We have a large community that loves Battlefield games and there is something that hasn’t been practiced properly in this game by DICE, testing through early access. However, you might be able to test the next Battlefield game and the ones to follow with early access programs.

The general manager of DICE, Karl Magnus Troedsson was asked about their future strategies when he didn’t fail to thoroughly emphasize involvement of the community. He then said that although they had nothing to announce, discussions were being held about early access programs for the future titles.

Imagine how much good it will do to the community – in terms of experience, and to the game – in terms of stability, if the next Battlefield game comes with an early access mode dedicated for testing and filtering out bugs.

So what extent will DICE want to go with these plans, Troedsson was asked to which he gave an almost expected reply:

We would ask our players in a controlled way. We probably wouldn’t open the floodgates for everyone, but we might do it for geographical territories or people who bought the last game. Yes, it is something we are considering, not from a business standpoint, but from one of creating quality in our products.

On the downside, people might want to ask why EA wouldn’t hire playtesters for that job. That is only for EA to answer, but there surely is one thing; developers working under pressure can seriously benefit from the cashflow they can generate from early access and so gear up the development in return.

The question is, if a company as big as EA wants to do so because of the funds, which company in the industry will say that they have sufficient funds by themselves for making a AAA title?

Anyhow, if the next Battlefield 4 game gets early access, would you want to pay for it?

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