Development of Project Morpheus is Complete, Says Uwe Bassendowski

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

It has only been a few of months since Sony announced its very own virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus. While competitor Oculus is still in the prototype phase and looking for more funds on the development, Sony says that its VR headset is good to go! The development phase has been completed.

The news has come through who interviewed the chief of Sony Computer Entertainment Germany, Uwe Bassendowski. Bassendowski was pretty confident in stating that the hardware development is complete and all it needs now is the suitable software to go with it.

He further said that once they have a suitable portfolio of the games, they will start looking at the timing of getting Project Morpheus in the market. Moreover he assured that SCE and other developers were working hard on this.

Last but not the least, Bassendowski claimed that when Project Morpheus reaches your hands (head would be more appropriate), it will be the most intense gaming experience that you can ever imagine.

He was also asked why Sony didn’t bring their VR headset to the limelight at E3, to which he replied that it would have been virtually impossible to bring in 4000 pieces so that everyone of the audience could experience it. According to him, this is so because the uniqueness of their device can only be experienced while being in the driver’s seat.

How excited are you about Project Morpheus? Also, which one are you betting on, Facebook’s Oculus or Sony’s Project Morpheus?

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