Destiny Alpha Inventory Guide – Items, Materials, Missions and Consumables

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

Bungie’s competitive MMO FPS just entered Public Alpha giving us a chance to bring out our series of guides to get you through the basic mechanics of the game and how different options work.

Destiny Alpha Inventory Tips

In this guide, I’ll be telling about you what Inventory Section does and what can you expect to find in this Menu.

Note: Needless to say that the game is currently in Public Alpha and is prone to change before the final version comes out!

Anyway, first things first! To get to the Inventory Section, you need to press the ‘Options Button’ which will take you to the Inventory.

Primary Sections

In the Inventory Section, you will see 4 sub-sections, namely: Materials, Consumables, Mission, and Bounty.

Material tab. contains all the useful objects which can be used to upgrade equipment; for instance, Spinmetal. Materials are automatically obtained while playing the game and you can either sell them for other items or use them to get upgrades.

There are a total of fifteen slots in the Materials tab. and similar Materials are overlaid on each other without occupying a second slot.

Like its name suggests, Mission can be considered as Optional Quests which can be completed for a reward.

Consider the example of Warping Claws which are obtained by defeating the Thrall. Warping Claws can be taken back to Vanguard Mentor to complete this mission. Unlike Materials, Missions only have ten slots.

The role of Consumables is again really straightforward! These items are used in the warzone to get you on an advantage over your opponent.

For instance, Ether Seeds is a Consumable which can be used to get more Glimmers from the defeated foes for complete 10 minutes. There are a total of fifteen slots in the Consumables tab.

Bounties are almost identical to Missions which are acquired from Tower to complete in the wilderness. A player can have five Bounties at a given time.

Misc. Items

Aside from the options mentioned above, Inventory Tab. also contains the amount of Crucible Marks and Glimmers at a player’s disposal. Here’s a brief overview of what Crucible Marks and Glimmers do:

Crucible Marks
This item is denoted by two intersecting swords inside a red circle and is used to buy Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armor from the Tower.

Unlike Crucible Marks, Glimmers are shared between all of your characters. Glimmers are the main currency of the game which was used as a power source before the Collapse. Players will automatically obtain Glimmers during the combat.

That is all we have on Destiny’s Alpha Inventory Guide! If you have any questions, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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