Destiny Alpha Character Creation Appealing But Limited By Available Presets

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

Destiny’s Alpha is up and with that, various gameplay videos as well as character creation impressions have surfaced on online.

We know players can choose from three classes as was previously known Hunter, Warlock and Titan. Furthermore, there are three races to choose from, each having both male and female genders.

The playable races include Humans, the human-like Awoken and the robotic Exo. While character face models are pretty detailed and appealing, what the character creation lacks is the variety.

In a time where most RPGs and MMOs provide players with not only set presets of characters but also a whole lot of options to custom design every single aspect of their characters – be it the ear size, body height or waist.

In Destiny, there is only a handful of limited pre-sets available to choose your face, hair style and markings along with a bunch of colors. That is where the customization ends.

Do not expect option to alter your body dimensions, hair length or even add detailed facial features.

This limited availability, however, does make a bit sense given that players will, for most part of the game be moving through hostile environments with their helmets down in a first-person view, so they cannot really look at their characters.

Since this is Alpha version of the game. If you are disappointed by these limited choices, you shouldn’t be as it is highly likely that more options will be added in the Beta and later in the Final game release.

You can check out a character creation video here.

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