Zelda Wii U Demo Shown At E3 Was In-Game Footage, Says Aonuma

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

Zelda for Wii U announcement and demo at this year’s E3 was among the biggest moments at the event as many of Nintendo fans were eagerly waiting for Link’s next adventure.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma seems very proud of his new game and even wrote about it on Miiverse.

He mentioned that people have been asking if Zelda Wii U video that was shown at E3 conference was actual in game footage or just a CGI video? So he sent a public message to clear up the ambiguity.

Many people from the media kept asking me if the footage from the new Zelda Game for Wii U is just a promotional movie, but that really is actual gameplay on Wii U. Also, I want’s kidding about how you will be able to reach the mountains that appear in the distance if you should choose to!

We have not seen the game in action just yet, but the demo at E3 looked absolutely stunning and many people even refused to believe that it was in-game footage, hence so many people were doubting the authenticity of it.

With new entry in the series, developer wants to create an experience that will feel like the original Zelda game, where you had freedom to explore every part of game’s universe without being held back.

There will be no linear path in upcoming Zelda Wii U so there will be many ways to approach the same mission.

So far, information on the game is pretty scarce but we do know that it will be releasing exclusively for Wii U by the end of next year.

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