Xbox One Will Get Pre-Load Option and Backward Compatibility If Microsoft Acts on Feedback

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

The Xbox User Feedback site has been up for a few days now and has been getting a really good response from enthusiastic Microsoft fans.

Using the website, users can suggest new ideas to implement to the Xbox team, suggest or vote on the addition or enhancement of different features, all in all creating an Xbox experience tailored according to their desires.

Of course suggesting ideas doesn’t guarantee they will be implemented, or even if they are to be implemented it will take them quite a bit of time to be created.

Some of the top voted ideas and suggestions include the option to Pre-order/Pre-load digital games much like Valve’s Steam on PC and now even PS4 has. This can open various options for the company to include digital pre order benefits to boost sales.

Another really great feature which the users are demanding is backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. That way gamers can finally sell their old machines before it is too late and enjoy Xbox 360 games on the newer hardware.

Some other much needed features fans are voting on include:

  • Low battery notification for Xbox One controller
  • Lower price of digital titles
  • Cortana, Microsoft’s smartphone answer to Apple’s Siri, on Xbox
  • Better UI Customization
  • Mass delete recorded clips

It is really nice to see Microsoft keeping fans in mind and listening to their feedback to create a better gaming experience.

Got some ideas of your own to share? Head over to the feedback site.

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