Rise Of The Tomb Raider Concept Art Hints at New Challenges

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

Following the somewhat unexpected but totally welcome and great cinematic reveal of Rise of the Tomb Raider, sequel to the 2013 successful reboot of the franchise, some concept arts for the game have been released.

The images show the protagonist Lara Croft right in her element, making discoveries and surviving in the wilderness being the awesome heroine she is.

Yes, I’m kind of biased that way, but what kid born in the 90s wouldn’t be right?

Rise of Tomb Raider

One of the concept arts shows Lara facing a bear and we even saw her running away from one in the trailer. Whether we will be able to fight bears or they are something which we have to absolutely run away from is still unclear.

Rise of Tomb Raider-

Personally, I loved fighting wolves in the 2013 Tomb Raider and would love to get some arrows through bears as well.

Another image shows Lara standing in a majestic looking tomb. While the reboot did feature tombs, they were pretty easy and optional, which left fans desiring for tougher challenges. Let’s hope this time around, we get the same level of challenge in tombs as classic Tomb Raider titles.

Rise of Tomb Raider--

Rise of the Tomb Raider is set in the aftermath of Tomb Raider where Lara is still haunted by what she experience during the first game as shown by the trailer.

To overcome these nightmares, she even has to see a psychiatrist which shows how much she is like any normal human being and not just a video game character.

Built on a new Foundation Engine, the game is scheduled to be released in Holiday 2015 and will most probably be only for the new generation of consoles and PC.

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