PayDay 2: Crime Wave Edition is on its way to Xbox One and PS4!

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

Great news heisters!

PayDay 2: Crime Wave Edition has just been announced by Starbreeze Studios. The press release that announced the game is in Swedish, so we have had to go through a lot of trouble to translate – I don’t speak Swedish. However, here’s what is in store for you.

First off, PayDay 2: Crime Wave Edition is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Secondly, it will have enhanced features as compared to the previous version.

So far, we have not been told what exactly the improvements will be. Last but not the least, there will be bonus material. The game will of course feature four-person multiplayer co-op and a new weapons system for four classes.

So far, that is all that we can tell you about the game, but I am sure 505 Games would want to shed more light on PayDay 2: Crime Wave Edition – preferably in English.

Whenever they do, we will update you.

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