Mojang Explains Minecraft Server Monetization, How You Can Make Money

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

Mojang has posted a new set of rules that define the studio’s stance against Minecraft server monetization.

The Minecraft creator stated that it has never been in favor of allowing the community to profit off their products. However, after careful consideration the studio will now be making an exception to that rule.

Those hosting their own Minecraft servers can now choose to monetize them, as long as they fall within the rules set by Mojang. If you’re going to charge players for your server’s access, the fee should be same for all players.

Additionally, you cannot divide your playerbase into paying and non-paying users. Either everyone pays, or no one does. You also can’t restrict gameplay elements to different tiers of players.

Donations are allowed, but these should not come with expectations of in-game rewards.

Hosts should not restrict gameplay features and only allow them to those who pay or donate. On the other hand in-game items can be sold to players, as long as these items don’t affect gameplay.

We’re talking cosmetics here, such as pets, hats, etc. In-game advertising is allowed, as it helps cover server costs. You are not allowed to sell in-game cash for real-world cash.

Finally, server hosts should publicly state that their monetized servers are not associated with Mojang. The announcement should also tell where the money is going, and provide a purchase history and contact details.

“We’re hoping that these rules will give hosts opportunity to continue creating awesome Minecraft worlds, and for our players to enjoy them without being forced to spend,” concluded Mojang.

Source: Mojang

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