Meet Your Companions in Dragon Age Inquisition Stand Together Trailer

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

BioWare is really turning up the heat on Dragon Age Inquisition. Only recently, they released a new trailer showcasing every character who will accompany you in your quest to restore Ferelden and then they detailed in great depth two new party members.

The trailer is only a little over one minute long and starts off with the party members standing over a meeting table, you see the map of the world you will be setting foot in and then it goes on to talk about Blackwall, the first of the two new party members that they have shed light on.

As far as the character of Blackwall is concerned, he is described on the website in these words:

He’s a veteran. He’s been through many battles, many conflicts, and he knows their price. He’s aware that in wars, the people who call the shots are often safe in their fortresses. It’s the soldiers who die. He’s seen people with power abuse it and use it to manipulate others, and he absolutely hates that.

Being a defender who is like minded with the Grey Wardens, he doesn’t shy away from the Blight. He has come together with the Inquisition while trying to get in contact with the Grey Wardens but now looks at the Inquisition as a medium of restoring order.

Then a scene shows off Sera who’s strength is the common man, followed by The Iron Bull, who is different from Blackwell in his own ways:

The Iron Bull is casual, friendly, and confident. There are very few things in the world that he can’t kill if he needs to, which puts him at ease most of the time. He’s got no need to compete with anyone or prove himself, and he doesn’t need his ego stroked. What he does need are people he can trust to watch his back and friends he can laugh with.

After surviving years of ugly, nasty fighting, The Iron Bull has learned not to take anything too seriously. Unless it involves demons.

He has been a Ben Hassrath agent in the past, and has been sent by Qunari to infiltrate the Inquisition. However, he opens up to the Inquisitor and now you will decide how you want this to go on with him.

In the end you see a glimpse of Vivienne whose real agendas are questioned by the trailer.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be released on October 7 on all the platforms worldwide.

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